Required Viewing: Films That Will Sate Your Mid-Fall Wanderlust

Stuck in that season between summer and the holidays that breeds stir craziness in even the most balanced of people, it’s easy to feel the pang of wanderlust. But sometimes a living room couch or movie theater is as far as our paychecks and vacation-day allotments will take us. If you’re itching to get out and get lost, these movies, filmed and set in phenomenal locations, will satisfy at least one of your senses and tide you over until you can get away for real.

Doctor Zhivago

After the huge cinematographic success of Lawrence of Arabia, David Lean set this more intimate 1965 tale of long-lost family and illicit love in a Bolshevik Russian winter wonderland. The motherland itself was not a viable set, as the book version of the film had already been banned by the Soviet government. So Lean took to Spain, and for certain shots, Finland and Canada, to recreate a snowy expanse complete with an ice palace and ushanka-clad horsemen.