The Flavorpill Guide to DIY Pop-Culture Halloween Costumes: Art

Ah, Halloween preparation. It’s that time we make big plans and end up drunkenly donning cat ears or a witch hat or something because pffft. Why make it complicated? Who says you have to waste your beer tab allowance on something expensive and crappy that you’re probably only going to wear once? Because we care, Flavorpill is bringing you a set of easily DIY Pop Culture Halloween Costume Guides. We’ve already suggested some music-themed options, so here’s our attempts at art-related get-ups!

With the help of our latest installment, you can be “present” as Marina Abramović, raise yourself some hype with a Damien Hirst butterfly-tattooed-crotch, or do a classic Warhol with a new, shiny twist. Get creative, arty people!

Marina Abramović performing The Artist Is Present at the MoMA

Remember that? Of course you do. The lines, the crowds, the stampedes, the celebrities, the nude (gasp!) people upstairs, the hype, the memes, the Marina Abramović Made Me Cry Tumblr… One of the MoMA’s best attended retrospectives/performances starring the diva of performance art herself is actually a fairly easy costume to pull off and a perfect do-up for a duo, especially if one of you happens to look anything like Paco Blancas, the crying superfan. But you don’t have to. Just look weary, like you just spent more than seven hours in a line.

The costume:

Ivar chair, pine — IKEA, $20

Olay moisturizer to slather on liberally — Walgreens, $9

Red maxi dress (although a cleverly-tied red, white, or blue bathrobe could work) — ASOS, $64