Ridiculous Horror Flicks for Every Holiday

Are you a victim of society’s silly implication that Halloween is the only appropriate holiday for rejoicing in cheesy horror films? Have you been scrambling to watch as many outlandish scary flicks as possible before this spooky season’s end? Slow down, freak-loving folks, we have a solution that will keep your Halloween hunger satiated all year round. That’s right — horror films for every holiday! Can’t decide what to watch with your extended family after Thanksgiving football? ThanksKilling will be a great after-supper snack. Bought a whole king cake for your mouth but nothing for your eyes? Mardi Gras Massacre should do the trick. We’ve got something for all your New Year’s, Hanukkah, and Memorial Day horror needs after the jump.

ThanksKilling (2009)

Unless you’ve gotten lost on Netflix and face-to-face with a murderous, foulmouthed turkey (like we did), you probably haven’t experienced the mess that is ThanksKilling. Make sure all your Thanksgiving goodies are digested before watching this gross flick, then pick your post-dinner viewing companions wisely — preferably those family members who are cool with unnecessary nudity and vulgarity.