Photo Gallery: Vienna’s Familiar, Yet Strange Street Food Kiosks

Every culture has a street food tradition all its own, but unless we travel overseas (or watch a lot of Anthony Bourdain), we rarely get to see what it looks like. That’s why we’re so excited about Austrian photographer Stefan Fürtbauer’s Eiterquellen series, which capture the fluorescent-lit food kiosks of Vienna against the dramatic blackness of the city at night. In a statement about the project, Fürtbauer explains that these “wurstel diners” date back to the 19th century and have become both “the place of the distinctive Viennese working class” and a last bastion of resistance against multinational fast-food chains. He also points out that their steel, chrome, and neon architecture bears some resemblance to American diners of the ’60s. Page through a gallery of photos from the ongoing series after the jump, then visit Fürtbauer’s website to see more of his work.

Image credit: Stefan Fürtbauer [Spotted via Behance]