’90s Teen Movie Characters: Where Are They Now?

The first trailer for the millionth American Pie sequel, American Reunion, has been making the rounds over the past few days, and lots of attention has been paid to its raunchiness. Frankly, though, the clip neither impresses nor scandalizes us. Sure, there’s Jason Biggs caught in yet another masturbation-related debacle — a dead giveaway that the new movie is nothing more than another attempt to cash in on old jokes and poor character development. Despite being disappointing, the trailer did get us thinking about how some of our other favorite teen movie characters might have fared in the past decade or two. After the jump, we revisit everyone from Cher Horowitz to Lucas from Empire Records to find out where they are now.

Mark Hunter, Pump Up the Volume

After they inspired a thousand teen-run pirate radio stations and got released from jail (they were, after all, minors), Mark Hunter and The Eat Me, Beat Me Lady had a pretty hot and heavy fling. But, unsurprisingly, they were not meant to be. By the time Mark graduated, he’d endured an explosive break-up (you can probably imagine how harsh her post-split notes to him were) and emerged a shrewder, more sophisticated young man. Like many young, hip, attractive young outcasts, he found a tribe of his own in college, where he eventually helmed the campus radio station and studied adolescent psychology — a result of how deeply affected he was by his high-school classmate’s suicide. A few years later, after completing some graduate work, he had his own syndicated advice show. Yes, Mark Hunter basically grew up to be Frasier. Sorry.