10 Great TV Themes Sung By Characters

Ever since it was revealed that Zooey Deschanel had written and recorded the theme for her new hit sitcom, New Girl, the admittedly lackluster song has attracted more than its fair share of derision. But it’s not always the case that TV themes sung by the show’s cast are terrible. After the jump, we’ve collected some of the best theme songs sung by actors over the years, from Jason Schwartzman to The Muppets to the cast of That ’70s Show.

Bored To Death

Before he conquered film and television, Jason Schwartzman was the teenage drummer and songwriter for the not-yet-famous Phantom Planet. Given his prolific musical past — he also masterminded the sweet indie-rock band Coconut Records — it’s not surprising that he wrote, produced, and recorded the über-catchy Bored To Death theme song.