Take a Street Art Tour of La Boca, Buenos Aires

With bookshops on every corner, a unique mix of architecture and coffee shops as far as the eye can see, Buenos Aires is like a sweet marriage of New York and Paris, with lots of Latin influence. For art fans who want to see an authentic piece of the city, don’t skip out on visiting La Boca. This little corner of Argentina is in flux: enterprising entrepreneurs set up kiosks every day, peddling kitschy souvenirs next to artists lofts, while the artists themselves keep studio doors open to attract patrons. The real enjoyment, though, comes from walking the winding streets of this neighborhood and looking for the tiny details, like a pint-sized painting at the foot of a building, a neon yellow fountain in a fenced yard, or a political declaration sprayed on a curb.

Photo credit: Annemarie Dooling