Portraits of the World’s Most Glorious Beards

Austin-based photographer Dave Mead traveled to the World Beard and Mustache Championship in Anchorage, Alaska to bring your the most fantastic, strange, ample and dignified beards from around the globe. Each proud owner strikes a pose for a portrait, displaying their manly manes while rocking some eccentric olde tyme threads. Everyone has a character. The glamorous anachronists in sequined top-hats and Dalí-esque moustache curls. The classic steampunks. The mid-century officers. The sailors, donning captain hats, stripes and fisherman jackets, their eyes fixed on the imaginary horizon so authentically, we can almost see their beards fluttering in the sea breeze. Witness the glory!

Photo credit: Dave Mead. [Spotted via How to Be a Retronaut]