The Best (Or Is It Worst?) of Post-Scandal Famewhoring

It’s a big week for the literary world: Traci Nobles, the recipient of the infamous Anthony Weiner wiener messages, announced that she will, in fact, publish her adult memoir, I Freinded  You  (the misspelling is intentional), about her relationship with the congressman. Thank goodness! Here we were thinking she was walking away from it all with only a handful of steamy Facebook messages. But, no — Nobles instead is acting in what has become a grand American tradition of cashing in on her 15 minutes of peripheral scandal fame in the most obnoxious fashion imaginable. After the jump, join us in reminiscing in some of the most outrageous media circus famewhoring. Maybe you can help us decide if we should be disgusted or impressed with these slippery folks’ refusal to leave the spotlight.

Crystal Harris

It’s infrequent that we ever feel anything but nausea when thinking about Hugh Hefner, but, we’ll admit, we felt kind of bad when his fiancée, Crystal Harris, called off their wedding a mere five days before it was supposed to happen. It caused a pretty big splash when the 85 year-old announced that he wanted to take a stab at another serious commitment, let alone with someone 60 years his junior, so we maybe wouldn’t have blamed her if she left him for being a slimeball or for just being too old. But — stay with us, here — she left him because her first single “Club Queen” had dropped that day and had ridden the weird engagement fame wave as long as she needed to. Oh, honey…