The 10 Characters You Meet on Primetime TV

Everyone knows that primetime TV is a stronghold of stock characters, gender stereotypes, and cheap jokes. All of which is, ahem, half the reason we love it so much. No matter how far our society seems to advance, stereotypes sell, so they keep popping up on the small screen — even, we’ve noticed, pushing the boundaries of how offensive they can get. Just for analyzation purposes, we’ve picked out ten of the character tropes on modern television, from the epic nerd to the hot girl, that we seem to keep seeing over and over again, for better or for worse. Click through to see our list, and if we’ve missed any of your favorite stock characters, be sure to let us know in the comments!

The Epic Nerd as Romeo 

(Chuck‘s Chuck, The Big Bang Theory‘s Leonard, The O.C.‘s Seth)

Nerds: they’re so hot right now. But not all nerds can pull of the romantic lead. The Nerd as Romeo is a certain type of nerd, the classically handsome behind the mop of hair and pocket protector type, and the socially competent, super intelligent type. It’s those social skills that make them ripe for romantic conquest.