Photos of Famous Actors Recreating Legendary Scorsese Scenes

Martin Scorsese has been all over the news lately, for both his well-received HBO documentary on George Harrison and his first 3D movie, Hugo, debuting at the New York Film Festival. So it makes sense that Harper’s Bazaar has dedicated some space to celebrating “The Age of Scorsese,” with a set of fascinating reminiscences of Marty from Jodie Foster, Tom Cruise, Steve Buscemi, and a slew of other boldface names. The article is accompanied by a set of uncannily accurate recreations of the most memorable scenes from Scorsese’s biggest films, with new actors taking over legendary roles. See Chloë Moretz (who stars in Hugo) and Keanu Reeves take over for Foster and Robert De Niro, and other great surprises, after the jump, and watch behind-the-scenes video from the shoot at the Harper’s Bazaar website.

Taxi Driver. Photo credit: Jason Schmidt/Harper’s Bazaar [Spotted via Slashfilm]