TV Sidekicks Who Stole the Show

Every Batman has his Robin, every Don Quixote his Sancha Paza — and any sitcom protagonist is nothing without his comedic, ego-boosting sidekick. It’s a symbiotic relationship — every main man needs a sounding board; every sidekick needs a star’s spotlight to bask in. But every so often a supporting actor entirely outshines the headliner. Browse through the sidekicks we think add more to their shows than their dominant counterparts, and tell us who you’d add in the comments.

Kimmy Gibbler > D.J. Tanner, Full House

The Tanners hand out love to every stray that passes their heartwarming San Francisco abode, and yet Kimmy Gibbler, D.J.’s loyal best friend, is nothing but an annoying neighborhood teen in their eyes. What the Tanners don’t recognize about Kimmy as she busts though their front door, uninvited and unwelcome, is that she is the only source of style and spunk in their boring, stuck-up daughter’s life. Sure, her feet might stink, but Kimmy has the moxie that Danny’s precious eldest lacks, both shaking her up when she’s buried in homework and putting Deeg in her place when she crosses a moral line.