Robert Yager’s Photos of Gang Life in Los Angeles

For those of us whose exposure to gang life has generally been limited to movies and hip-hop, it can be hard to separate the culture’s mythology from the reality. While the London-born, Los Angeles-based, and Latin American Studies-educated photographer Robert Yager may once have been an outsider, he has spent the past two decades immersing himself in the world of LA’s notorious Latino street gangs. His photos don’t romanticize his gun-toting subjects (although they sometimes seem to romanticize themselves); in stark black and white, they document all aspects of gang life, from the violent hazing new recruits endure to chaotic confrontations with the police to members’ quietly disturbing family lives. Page through a selection of Yager’s images after the jump, then visit his website to see more.

Photo credit: Robert Yager [Spotted via Design You Trust]