Epic Musician Feuds of the ’90s

What’s more surprising — that Hole have canceled a scheduled set at Australia’s Soundwave Festival because they were slated to open for Limp Bizkit, or that both bands still exist in 2011? Either way, this makes one more well-publicized feud for Courtney Love, who tweeted at the festival’s promoter, AJ Maddah, “What bloody flight of crazed fancy made you think we’d open for Limp Bizkit dude? No offense, that’s nuts.” (Lest you begin to feel some pity for Maddah, let it be known that he responded by calling her a “rotten twat.”) This Hole vs. Limp Bizkit beef, which could just as easily have happened in 1997, got us thinking about the many epic musician feuds that took place in the ’90s — a few of which did not even include Love. Reminisce with us after the jump.

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Courtney Love vs. Marilyn Manson

It’s not like she’s Miss Popularity in 2011, but no one was involved in more ’90s beefs than Courtney Love. You can take your pick of which you find most memorable: Courtney Love vs. Trent Reznor, Courtney Love vs. Kathleen Hanna, Courtney Love vs. Dave Grohl… etc. For this list — and, we admit, partially because we found such a great, odd photo of them together — we’ve chosen her feud with Marilyn Manson. The trouble came when Hole toured with Manson in 1999 and the bands’ volatile leads talked shit about each other onstage. One live review from that period finds Love telling Manson fans that they must have “tiny dicks,” and Hole eventually dropped out of tour. Soon after that debacle, Manson made amends with his former mentor Reznor, with whom he was also feuding, and the pair mocked Love together in Nine Inch Nails’ video for “Starfuckers, Inc.”