10 of the Most Fashionable Men in Horror Cinema

Let’s be honest: Halloween is usually a time of year that women’s fashion becomes the focus of everyone’s attention. Sadly there are sexy, slutty costumes versions of just about everything, while men’s costumes are relegated to something reminiscent of the stereotypical, blood-soaked madman. And fashionable costumes? Forget it. Store-bought versions of men’s costumes are nearly non-existent, and not everyone has the talent to go DIY. This got us thinking about the scary style mavens of the horror cinema universe. Who are the best dressed men, and who has the most unique fashion sense? Hit the jump to find out, and let us know who gets your vote below.

Christian Bale in American Psycho

American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) is the epitome of 1980’s hedonism and egocentrism, right down to his yuppie chic. (He collects the style section of the Times after all.) Aside from Bateman’s penchant for serial murder, he’s a professionally polished, well-dressed guy who favors a sharp suit (Ferragamo and Valentino preferably), brand names, and nothing but the finest accessories. Those business cards are indeed to die for. Bateman’s attractive exterior is also complemented by his obsessive morning routine, diet, and exercise rituals.