15 Incredible Highbrow Halloween Pet Costumes

Amongst the abundance of saccharine animal costumes overflowing from party store shelves, there’s a select group of pet owners who have taken matters into their own hands. These innovative animal lovers have looked to literature, art, and history for costumes to create for their four-legged critters for All Hallows’ Eve, with results that are not only adorable, but inspiring. We’ve rounded up the best highbrow pet costumes you’ll see this Halloween, with appearances by doggy Romeo and Juliet, a headless Marie Antoinette, and even Andy Warhol.

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Hester Prynne from The Scarlet Letter

One wouldn’t expect Nathaniel Hawthorne’s famous adulteress to inspire a pet’s Halloween costume, but lo and behold, it has. Featuring garb that pays homage to Hester Prynne, the pooch pictured above dons a period ensemble marked by that dreaded indicator of sin: the scarlet letter “A.”