The Most Memorable Off-Screen Couples On-Screen

Diane Keaton just published her new memoir, Then Again, which talks about her early relationship with director Woody Allen. The couple fell in love during the Broadway run for his Play It Again, Sam and broke up soon after, but their filmic twosome lasted through 1993’s Manhattan Murder Mystery. Their greatest collaboration, however, remains Annie Hallwhich Allen insists is not autobiographical, but the real-life similarities are certainly obvious. Genuine to the core, Annie Hall is one of the greatest screen love stories ever told and certainly one of Allen’s best films.

“Most people assumed Annie Hall was the story of our relationship. My last name is Hall. Woody and I did share a significant romance, according to me, anyway. I did want to be a singer. I was insecure, and I did grope for words,” Keaton recently told Vogue magazine. “After 35 years, does anybody care? What matters is Woody’s body of work. Annie Hall was his first love story. Love was the glue that held those witty vignettes together.”

What other off-screen couples made memorable partners on-screen? Past the break we pick a few of our favorites. Share yours with us below.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut

A year or so before their divorce, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman starred as a couple struggling through the sexual and moral implications of their marriage in Eyes Wide Shut. The build up to Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 film was tense, and rumors swirled around what graphic things audiences might see the Hollywood duo engaged in. The rawness of emotion between Kidman’s Alice and Cruise’s Bill is everything on-screen that they described in interviews later on.

“I’m glad Nic and I didn’t make this movie in the first or second year of our marriage. The stuff we were talking about, confronting together with Stanley, was volatile and intense. The characters are very much at odds. When you’re talking about jealousy or raw emotions that bring men to their knees at times, it can be crippling,” Cruise told Roger Ebert in an interview. “This was an epoch in our lives,” Kidman said of the movie. “I will forever remember it for being this strange, wonderful experience.”