Iconic Images of Bob Dylan Shot by the Late Barry Feinstein

Legendary rock ‘n’ roll photographer Barry Feinstein died from natural causes at 80 in New York this week. His diverse, captivating oeuvre has spanned decades. He shot the covers of Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changin’, George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass, and Janis Joplin’s Pearl. Perhaps he is best known for his images of Bob Dylan’s 1966 electric tour. Flip through our gallery to see why. His eyes weary, skin gaunt, clothes tight, hair frizzled, Dylan traverses his rock star fate with a melancholy detachment, or pretending to — huddling by himself in the audience of London’s Royal Albert Hall at rehearsal, stoically hiding his gaze under dark shades as fans paw at his limo window, blowing out his birthday cake candles in Paris, slumping at a diner in Birmingham. Say what you will of the aging superstar, but these photographic artifacts have frozen Dylan at, perhaps, his hippest. Cue nostalgia.

Bob Dylan in London, as fans look into the singer’s limousine. Photo credit: Barry Feinstein. Image via The Los Angeles Times