Rock ‘n’ Roll Muses Who Achieved Success in Their Own Right

There’s always that girl — the one in the songs, the one in the photographs, the one in the memoirs. The one who walks into a room and sets it aglow. She’ll tear up a rock ‘n’ roller’s heart, put it back together, and inspire the hell out of him, leaving her lasting mark on both his discography and biography. Yes, we’re talking muses, but not just any ol’ muses; we’re noting those who graduated from their tumultuous lives as expert inspirers to become successful in their own right. Check out some professors, artists, and cake shop proprietors after the jump.

Jane Asher

When actress Jane Asher was first introduced to The Beatles, all four mop-tops proposed at once. To the others’ dismay, Paul McCartney won her eye, and in 1963 they became one of the world’s most-loved couples. McCartney wrote “And I Love Her,” “We Can Work It Out,” and “Here, There, and Everywhere” while dating Asher, but their engagement ended when she caught him with another woman. Asher has starred in dozens of TV shows and films since then, including 2007’s Death at a Funeral. She has written three successful novels, is president of both the UK’s National Autistic Society and Parkinson’s UK, and started a successful party cake company. You go, girl.