10 Fictional Bars We Wish We Could Frequent

Everyone — real or fictional — needs a good neighborhood bar. And though here in New York City we’re surrounded by some great (and real) ones, we can’t help but think wistfully after the top notch drinking establishments in some of our favorite films and TV shows, which tend to take the cake every time. After all, they’re where our favorite characters hang out, which means they must be cool, right? Right. Click through to see our list of fictional bars where we would totally become regulars, and let us know which ones you’d choose in the comments!

Rick’s Café Américain, Casablanca

When we think of Casablanca, we think of Rick’s Café Américain. Not only is it possibly the most elegant gin joint we’ve ever seen on film, but it’s probably the most romantic one as well, and not just because of what happens there. Rick’s bar attracts a very mixed clientele, from French to American to Italian to German, both on the up-and-up and not so much, so you’re sure to get an exciting international experience — even if it means drowning out someone else’s national anthem with your own.