One Night in Central Florida with OFF! and Cerebral Ballzy

Sailor Jerry has always been all about bucking trends and striving for something pure — whether it’s in the original tattoo art of the legendary Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins himself, or the spiced rum his moniker adorns today. With Sailor Jerry Presents, the brand is furthering that ideal, bringing free music and performances from equally free-spirited bands to the masses. We’ve teamed up with the folks behind the series to take a look at some of these inspiring events, beginning with the recent free-for-all featuring OFF! and Cerebral Ballzy in Gainesville, Florida. Fresh off The New York Times giving props to his latest endeavor — The World’s First Perfect Zine — we sent David Shapiro, of Pitchfork Reviews Reviews notoriety, down there to send back a full report, complete with an exclusive photo gallery.

Click through below to read Shapiro’s report and check out the photos.