Vintage Photos from The Beatles’ First American Tour

You’ve undoubtedly seen the famous photography of Scottish artist Harry Benson, who has worked with the likes of everyone from Michael Jackson to The Beatles — who he traveled with during the band’s first American tour back in 1964. Since the Fab Four usually composed their work separately, Benson’s images are rare in that there aren’t many photographs of English band creating their music together. He also captured the famous snapshot of The Beatles having a pillow fight — which apparently happened after they learned that they had reached the number one spot in America and were going to be on the Ed Sullivan show. (The program was watched by nearly half of the American population at the time.) There’s an intimacy, humor, and energy in Benson’s work that’s unparalleled — particularly when it comes to this iconic band. Click through to enjoy.

Image credit: Harry James Benson [Spotted via thaeger]