Derelict Realism: Paintings of Graffitied Vans and Vehicles

Depicting derelict cars and graffiti-covered vans that your mama warned you to stay away from, Kevin Cyr’s hyper-detailed paintings of grimy vehicles are broken-down gems. His series ranges from random vans he documented in Brooklyn (of the Vandura, Chevy, and Econoline Chateau variety), to various delivery flatbeds, and creepy ice cream trucks. The oil (and sometimes silkscreen) works on panel are almost reminiscent of Matchbox toy cars that have been destroyed with a Sharpie — but their photorealistic details make these paintings far from a mere caricature. The inclusion of vehicles with brand logos (we’ve always loved the Utz girl) bring up questions about commercialism. Check out our gallery of Cyr’s paintings past the break.

Image credit: Kevin Cyr