Reality TV Houses We Wouldn’t Mind Owning

Ever fantasize about sleeping in the bed Jersey Shore’s Ronnie threw out onto the deck that one night? Or cooking in the kitchen that the girls can never be bothered to clean? Perhaps you’d like to use the toilet that was so famously clogged by a wifebeater? Well, friend, The Daily is here to tell you that dreams really do come true: You, too, can live like a guido if you’re ready to throw down $2,500 to spend a night at the notorious six-bedroom, three-bathroom Seaside Heights house. Apparently, MTV rents the place out in the off season.

Call us ungrateful, but we probably wouldn’t be tempted to stay at the shore house even if it were free. The duck phone is cute and all, but we can’t imagine that the novelty of it all would outweigh the squickiness of laying our head in a place where so much hair gel-and-Bacardi-lubricated sex has taken place. Besides, although unscripted series have featured more than their share of tacky homes, there are plenty of gorgeous reality TV dwellings that we’d be thrilled to rent out (if only we had the money). Check out eight such houses after the jump.

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The Real World Philadelphia house

There are a couple dozen seasons’ worth of eye-popping Real World houses to choose from — but we’re suckers for repurposed urban architectural landmarks, so this century-old bank-turned-seafarers’ organization building is our pick. After a $3 million renovation, the 14,500-square-foot Greek Revival structure housed the cast of 2004’s Philadelphia season. These days, it’s been transformed yet again into TRUST, where it houses art exhibitions and special events.