10 Punk-Rock Acts That Just Get Better With Age

Being as we’re avid fans of a) spiced rum and b) good music, the ongoing Sailor Jerry’s Presents series, which included Pierced Arrows’ show in Denver a few days back, is right up our alley. And since that band contains two members of lamented Portland, Oregon, punk rock legends Dead Moon (namely, husband-and-wife duo Fred and Toddy Cole) — and the support act, Don’t, also contained former members of the Wipers and the Rats — we got to thinking about other old-school punk rockers who are still around today, as relevant and rockin’ as ever. There aren’t that many left, to be honest — but then, that only makes the artists we’ve collected here all the more precious. Click through, and then let us know your favorites.

Pierced Arrows

For years, Dead Moon were one of the great undiscovered secrets of the punk rock underground — they formed in the 1980s, but didn’t tour widely outside Oregon until a decade later. We were big fans of the band, so we were rather delighted to discover Pierced Arrows, the new(ish) project from Dead Moon’s Fred and Toddy Cole. The band got together in 2006, and has released a couple of rather fine albums in the years since. Fun fact: drummer Kelly Halliburton’s father also played with Fred Cole in a band back in the 1970s. Trans-generational appeal? This is one band that’s truly got it.

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