30 Fantastic Pop Culture Pumpkins

While they might have been fine back when we were kids, today it seems like the world finds plain old jack-o-lanterns sad and boring. Instead, they’ve become a canvas for proudly carving allegiance to your favorite TV character, most beloved musician, or the YA series that you can’t put down. Which is great news for us! But first, a quick disclaimer: while plentiful, the selection of pop culture pumpkins isn’t quite as diverse as you might hope. We struggled to find jack-o’-lantern homages to Flavorpill favorites like Patti Smith, Liz Lemon, and Daria, only to come up empty-handed. Get on that people! That said, we think you’ll be happy with what we’ve come up with after the jump. If you happen to have a pop culture pumpkin of your own to contribute to our list, please leave us a link in the comments!

AC Slater [via]

Amy Winehouse [via]

Andy Warhol [via]

Anton Chigur from No Country For Old Men [via]

Banksy [via]