Amazing Illustrated Zines for Every Mood and Obsession

If you’re anything like us, then sometimes one sketch from your favorite artist isn’t enough to satiate an illustration habit. Enter the hand-drawn zine, which has recently entered a period of renaissance inspired by nostalgia for the form’s pre-Internet heyday. Created by artists, crafters, and writers, this DIY platform allots plentiful, often themed, pages for solo artwork and collaborative efforts. We’ve scoured Etsy for a diverse array of amazing zines that tackle a myriad of topics — music, cinema, relationships, poetry, and even anxiety disorders — through art. Feast your eyes on hand-bound collections of watercolor, black ink, graphite, and collage art, and maybe even find your new favorite publication, after the jump.

Imaginary Lovers ($5, Etsy)

Have you ever made eyes at a stranger on the train or at the local coffee shop and briefly fantasized about what dating them would encompass? New Zealand-based artist Devon Smith transformed these passing daydreams into a sweet black-and-white zine by making portraits of strangers she found endearing and lending them imaginary characteristics.