A Lesson in Cryptozoology: 10 Regional American Monsters

The United States of America. Land of the free, home of the Bray Road Beast. Most areas have one — a cryptid, that is. A legendary, unlikely creature that has yet to be proven nonexistent. Some US towns have lake-dwelling monsters, while others have big-eyed demons and lizard men. These under-the-radar characters are often only famous in their respective regions, and it’s about time we give them some well-deserved Halloween loving. Thanks for Harry and the Hendersons, Bigfoot, but let’s check out what else is lurking in our North American forests, shall we? Read on to find a cryptid near you.

Dover Demon, Massachusetts

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Dover, Massachusetts might be the “town of friendship,” but we’re not sure if we want to be friends with this little Dover dweller. First spotted in ’77, the Dover Demon stands at a proud three feet tall, has glowing eyes, no nose, no mouth, and screeches like a hawk. Some suggest that witnesses are merely mistaking a newborn moose for the Demon, but those who have seen the creature insist otherwise. This trickster cryptid likes to terrify drivers as they pass, so keep your eyes peeled next time you’re on Massachusetts’ roads. The Demon awaits.