The Flavorpill Guide to Fictional Places You Can Visit In Real Life

Who hasn’t wished they could disappear into the novel they’re reading, or visit the world of their favorite film? People, it’s possible — at least sometimes. When we first heard that we were going to be able to visit a complete Hobbiton next year, we admit that the nerds in us got pretty excited. Not only that, but we started daydreaming about all our favorite fictional locales that we desperately wish we could visit. We’ve already given you a guide to mythical vacations, but now for something slightly more attainable: a list of fictional places you can actually visit in real life, whether because they’ve been created for the purpose or because they’ve actually existed all along. Click through to get a few ideas for your next vacation, and let us know which of these you’d most like to visit in the comments.


Though the original set of Hobbiton from the Lord of the Rings films has been mostly dismantled and/or left to decay, the set of The Hobbit is being built to last, and will be a permanent, maintained site in Matamata, New Zealand, complete with forty-four hobbit holes, a bridge, and the Green Dragon pub and available to visit in 2012.