The Complete Saul Bass: Four Decades of Classic Movie Posters

In the forthcoming Saul Bass: A Life in Film and Design, the first retrospective book on the master of film titles, movie posters and logo design, design historian Pat Kirkham dissects Bass’ work with the help of his daughter Jennifer Bass. In anticipation of the book, we’ve collected many of the film posters he designed (we know we said ‘complete,’ but there’s no way to really have a complete list unless you check out the book) for your browsing pleasure and design inspiration. Of course, some of these pale in comparison to their accompanying titles, so we must suggest taking a look at those as well. Some of these posters were never used, and some have become iconic symbols, but all reflect Bass’ incredible talent. Click through to see our extensive gallery of just about all the Saul Bass posters we could find.

Carmen Jones, 1954