Terry Richardson’s Photos of His Mom and Dad

Let’s start off with a warning. Terry Richardson took a photo of his mom topless, so you know what you’re in for. While the mere proximity of the New York City photographer/notorious sleazeball to any young thing sends an ominous sort of shiver down our spine, there’s something touching in these photos of his folks in Mom/Dad, recently published by Morel Books and spotted by ArtInfo. He’s still creepy-eyed Terry. Yet…

The photos of his Bohemian mom, smiling broadly among old people clutter, riding a bike, flipping the bird, grasping her son’s book, laughing happily as she throws back her cavernous breasts — there’s something sweet and joyous about it all. His father, the famous fashion photographer Bob Richardson, is a contrast. Pops is ever-encouraging, through his schizophrenia as he scribbles worried messages on his walls and even as he hugs his flannel-clad son doing his trash-can shtick. Peek into the other side of Terryworld in our gallery.

Photo credit: Terry Richardson, from Mom/Dad (Morel Books)