10 Albums You Need to Hear in November

November is the cruelest month, breeding Nickelback albums out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire for something good to listen to, stirring dull releases with autumn snow. But never fear, because we’ve negotiated the waste land of the November release schedule, avoiding Bieber Christmas records and a slew of holiday season reissues to bring you 10 new albums that you really should be listening to over the next four weeks or so. You’re more than welcome.

Florence and the Machine — Ceremonials (November 1)

While we’re not huge fans of Florence Welch or her machine, we have a feeling that this will do very well indeed. As we commented when we had a listen to the pre-release stream last week, it feels very ’80s-influenced, and also like it’s Welch’s big stab at commercial success (the above track demonstrates both points nicely). The album’s out today, so we guess the proof will be in the pudding, and all that.