Chris Bors’ Hardcore Punk Pseudo-Propaganda Posters

It’s fitting that Chris Bors is both an artist and an art critic; his most recent set of paintings display both a broad knowledge of cultural history and the rare ability to synthesize those various influences into a compelling and coherent whole. Appropriating the kind of hardcore punk band logos you might have scribbled on your notebooks back in high school, Bors adds images that range from children’s cartoon characters to dystopic, sci-fi illustrations and finishes off his posters with the colored drips of mid-century abstraction. “The juxtaposition of these elements resembles the compositions of and mimics the tactics used in political messaging,” Bors writes. “The work also plays on the confrontation of violence and solidarity as expressed in a music genre that has roots based on a struggle for social justice.” See some of our favorite Bors pieces after the jump, and then visit his website to check out more of his work.

Chris Bors, Bad Brains, 2008, acrylic on canvas, 43 1/2″ x 34″