Ed Wood’s Sleazy Paperback Collection

Cult director Ed Wood spent part of his career moonlighting as a pulp novelist, scribbling up sexy tales of transvestite divas and horror-savvy subjects. This doesn’t seem so unusual considering Wood was a cross-dresser himself, but it’s another facet of the Plan 9 director’s past that’s fascinating — not to mention, guys in drag and pornography in general were pretty hush-hush during Wood’s days. Boo-Hooray gallery in New York’s Chinatown have gathered about 70 Ed Wood books for an exhibition they’re hosting through December 1. Curated by Michael Daley and Johan Kugelberg, the collection of sleazy paperback novels shows Wood’s past as a writer of ” … porn inter-spliced with lengthy philosophical, sociological and psychological discourse … ” and more. The lurid, campy cover designs — some sporting Wood’s various pseudonyms — featured in the exhibition are the largest collection of Ed Wood publications shown to date. Catch a preview of the show past the break, before you head to the gallery for tons more.

Curators: Michael Daley and Johan Kugelberg