Photos from the Zuccotti Park of 1973: Cincinnati’s Fountain Square

In the early 1970s, the Environmental Protection Agency hired freelance photographers to catalog day-to-day occurrences throughout cities across America that could pose environmental concerns, for the Documerica Project. Amongst the varying collections of images that artfully capture small town living and urban life, photographer Tom Hubbard’s contribution to Documerica immortalizes the goings-on at Cincinnati’s Fountain Square in 1973. It was there that he captured homemade sign-waving protesters, bell bottom-clad dancers, and acoustic guitar-wielding musicians. Now that Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park (and other public places around the country) are filled with similar sights, the photos after the jump may look strangely familiar to you.

Photo credit: Tom Hubbard [Spotted via How to Be a Retronaut]