10 Wonderful Fake Books by TV Characters

There comes a time in a TV show’s life when the plot line takes a turn for the literary; a fictional character hunkers down and authors a book. Some are guidebooks, others are self-help books, but they all share one crucial quality: they’re not real. These authors don’t exist in real life, so how could their books? Well — sometimes, just sometimes, our real world is graced with a fake book’s tangible, published, purchasable presence. But, not always — so we’ve gathered some awesomely fake books from TV that you can actually buy, and a few others that we hope will be available one day. Because, well, who wouldn’t want to read Liz Lemon’s Dealbreakers: A Girl’s Guide to Shutting it Down from cover to cover? Or proudly display Cosmo Kramer’s The Coffee Table Book of Coffee Tables on their own coffee table? Read on for some fake TV fiction, and let us know your other favorites.

Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America by Leslie Knope

Joan Callamezzo Book Club shmook club — we’d read Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America with or without that snarky Pawnee Live host’s overrated, oversize book club sticker. If you’ve been itching to learn all there is to know about the fictional Indiana town (as told by a resident who wasn’t born there — “Gotcha!”), Leslie Knope’s Pawnee book can be purchased over at Amazon.com. The site even includes grade-A reviews from some familiar fictional faces:

“Carrying this book around is a good way of picking up girls with glasses.”

— Tom Haverford

“I have read over four books, and this is by far the one that has me in it the most.”

— Andy Dwyer

“Literally the greatest endeavor of human creativity in the history of mankind.”

— Chris Traeger