Marketplace Watch: The Top 10 Windows Phone Apps

If you get the feeling it won’t be long until everyone in the world has a smartphone, you’re not alone. The allure of an all-in-one device that makes calls, takes photos, accesses the web, plays music, and does pretty much anything else you can imagine is pretty hard to resist. And with the unveiling of the new HTC Radar™ 4G phone, our friends over at HTC are making it even harder. Featuring a sleek, polished-metal design and 4G speed, it uses the Windows Phone platform to offer innovative functions like Live Tiles for your updates, People Hub for your contacts, and Threads for your conversations. But that’s not all it offers: With the Windows Phone Marketplace at its disposal, it gives you access to thousands of awesome apps. While some of them — Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds — you don’t need us to tell you about, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorites that may not already be top of mind, so you can put them at the top of your list.

ilomilo, $4.99

One of the most addictive, beautifully designed games available on the platform, ilomilo follows the adventures of two adorable characters named (you guessed it) ilo and milo. The object of each level is to reunite the pair by moving them around a series of blocks in a gravity-defying three-dimensional environment. Of course, it gets progressively more difficult as you go along, but the last thing you’ll want to do is let these little guys remain apart.

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