10 Appealingly Warm Albums to Make You Love Fall

The crackle of a log on the fireplace is nice for those with cozy log cabins in the woods, but for those of us who live in the city, the crackle of a well-loved album on the record player makes a similarly comforting substitute. Now that Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is still over a week away, and sunny, 67-degree weather seems just as likely as a few inches of snow (at least in New York), it’s time that we forced ourselves to embrace this transitional season. After the jump, in an attempt to help you do just that, we’ve rounded up 10 great albums that go perfectly with teapots, cardigans, and end-of-year contemplation.

Spiritualized, Songs in A&E

Jason Pierce is known for his psychedelic, orchestral rock; just about any of his Spiritualized or Spacemen 3 albums would be perfect for spacing out to on a lonely night. What makes his most recent record, 2008’s Songs in A&E, so perfect for fall is its intimacy. Pierce, who spent some time in intensive care during the recording process, sings in rich but weary tones and sneaks in elements of American roots music. The lyrics’ vocabulary is one of old-time religion, with “lord” and “devil” popping up frequently.