Our 10 Favorite Sonic Odes to Drinking Establishments

As the weather gets colder, we’re beginning to appreciate our neighborhood bar more and more. After all, there’s nothing better than sipping a warm-you-up drink in the fading autumn sunlight. Nothing, that is, except doing that while listening to one of your favorite tunes. There are a million songs about drinking, it being one of man’s favorite pastimes, but here we’ve collected ten of our favorites about bars, pubs, and other drinking establishments in particular, so as to celebrate those fall and winter hideaways. And just for fun, we’ve added a drink suggestion to go with each spot. Click through to have a listen to our list, and let us know which of your own favorites we’ve missed in the comments!

“Down in Mexico” — The Coasters

You Should Drink: Dirty Habenero Martini.

Relevant Lyrics:
Down in Mexicali
There’s a crazy little place that I know
Where the drinks are hotter, than the chili sauce
And the boss is a cat named Joe
He wears a red bandana
Plays the blues piano
In a honkey-tonk down in Mexico

All of a sudden in walks a chick
Joe starts playin’ on a latin kick
Around her waist she wore three fishnets
She started dancin’ with the castanets
I didn’t know just what to expect
She threw her arms around my neck
We started dancin all around the floor
Until she did a dance I never saw before