Famous Mythological Battles on Film

Described as “Caravaggio meets Fight Club,” Tarsem Singh’s mythology tale Immortals hits theaters on November 11. Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill takes on the role of Greek warrior Theseus, who leads a battle against the Titans — all set to The Cell director’s stunning visuals and taking a few cues from Zack Snyder’s otherworldly 300. Many movies have been inspired by sparring gods from ancient tales far and wide. Some of the stories about mythological scuffles that have been handed down to us over the years have been adapted into screen stories of modern warfare, while others have recalled the violent crusades more literally. Click past the break for a look at several celluloid versions of famous mythological battles. Leave your favorites below.

Jason and the Argonauts

Famous for its Ray Harryhausen stop motion animation, old school creature favorite Jason and the Argonauts brought ancient Greek heroes and evildoers to the big screen with fantastical detail. Like the film, the “real” 10th century hero Jason supposedly led a team of gifted fighters — dubbed the Argonauts — in his quest to capture the Golden Fleece. The hair from the golden-haired, winged ram was Jason’s ticket to the throne of Iolcus in Thessaly. Along the way, the gang battles several mythological obstacles including a sleepless dragon. The film’s finest assault, however, is Jason’s brawl with a skeleton army.