10 Female DJs You Should Know

It’s depressing to see that it’s not just the guitar-oriented end of the musical spectrum that’s a complete sausage fest at times. Last week, DJ Mag published its annual reader-voted Top 100 DJ list, the results of which were entirely predictable for two reasons: a) the top spots were dominated by dire low countries trance and Eurohouse DJs and b) there were no women featured. At all. Not one. We’re not the only ones to have noted this — Peaches, bless her, took to her Facebook page to proclaim “DJ Mag! Your Top 100 DJ boy club list can eat a dick! Where the ladies at???”

In fairness, the fact that there’s no women is far from the only thing wrong with the whole thing —  the fact that the godawful David Guetta is #1 gives an indication of what we’re dealing with, as does the absence of the likes of Lindstrøm, Ricardo Villalobos, etc. — but anyway, despite the fact that not being on such a weak list is probably a perverse mark of pride, we thought we’d take the opportunity to laud the work of some female DJs who we reckon are right up there with the best. (And by the way, before anyone gets all pissy about the difference between DJs and producers, we’ve included live footage where we could find it, and productions where we couldn’t.)

Ellen Allien

One of the mainstays of the ever-abundant Berlin techno scene, Allien has been responsible for founding BPitch Records, releasing six artist albums and a slew of remixes, playing floor-destroying DJ sets all over the world, and generally being awesome for over a decade now. None of this, however, is good enough for DJ Mag voters, who apparently rate Boy George (#91), Bloody Beetroots (#86), and Skrillex (#19) above her, despite the fact that none of them are actually, y’know, DJs. Sigh.


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