Gallery: Jim Doran’s Bizarre, Altoid Tin Worlds

Imagine opening up an old Altoids tin, only to discover a group of tiny, three-dimensional (not to mention apocalyptic!) horsemen peering right back at you. Repurposing discarded objects such as sardine tins, boxes, and lip balm jars, Baltimore-based artist and web developer Jim Doran — who must have one steady set of hands — creates intricate, paper-cut dioramas that reflect what he describes as a “fascination with the sea, the macabre, the divine, and the metaphysical.” The layered pen and ink works, which are all the more enjoyable because of their unexpected locations, offer up pocket-size tributes to everything from Greek mythology to his own short stories. Click through for a slide show of our favorites, and be sure to visit Doran’s website for the fascinating process photos.

Image credit: Jim Doran. [Spotted via Neatorama]