David Bowie’s “Heroes” Cover Shoot: The Outtakes

Following last week’s reveal of some fascinating Aladdin Sane outtakes, yet another set of alternative stills from a David Bowie album cover shoot have turned up, for 1977’s “Heroes”. Shot by Bowie comrade and collaborator Masayoshi Sukita, the collection of discarded cover images features the iconic musician (and professionally trained mime) expressing a variety of emotions, from serious to mischievous to frightened, in poses that look very different from the bizarre, robotic portrait that ended up on “Heroes”. If you like what you see below, be sure to check out Sukita’s forthcoming limited-edition book, Speed Of Life, which chronicles his 40 years of collaborations with Bowie.

Photo credit: Masayoshi Sukita [Spotted via How to Be a Retronaut]