10 Seriously Strange Celebrity Talk Show Appearances

A post Jenny Craig (sorry, Jenny) Mariah Carey paid The Rosie Show a visit yesterday. The pop diva opened her talk show appearance by arriving on a giant, suspended disco-glittery moon. This is the same woman who played her own 1995 live performance of “Fantasy” during the birth of her new twins Moroccan and Monroe so they would be born to the sound of applause. (Yes, really.) The singer’s awkward lunar landing calls to mind many celebrity talk show appearances where the stars veered off topic — sometimes avoiding it completely — and humiliated themselves in front of the world with oddball behavior and confusing conversation. Click through to revisit some seriously weird celebrity talk show moments, and let us know who you’d add to the list below.

Nicolas Cage recounts feline magic mushroom adventures on Letterman

We know you’re probably thinking: “Bizarre celebrity appearances and Nicolas Cage? Never!” but Cage and his hair paid David Letterman a visit last year to promote family film The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Naturally, the actor opened the show revealing that he took mushrooms with his cat Lewis. Sporting some of the worst facial hair ever, the star explains that deep into his psychedelic trip, he was convinced the cat was really his brother.