10 Amazing Cut-Paper Diorama Artists

Carving their way into the realm of fine arts thanks to pioneers like Kara Walker, paper dioramas aren’t just for elementary school projects anymore. Cut-paper art is an ambitious endeavor to take on — requiring intense focus, patience, and dealings with tiny instruments, like X-Acto knives and tweezers. Following our recent discovery of Jim Dolan’s miniature worlds encased in Altoid tins, we sought out other cut-paper designers who display their jaw-dropping creations in diorama form. Our findings introduced us to unbelievable works of art, whose intricate detailing, concept, and execution is simply awe-inspiring. Get to know some amazing artists who transform plain old paper into imaginative 3-D worlds after the jump.

Miranda Brandon

While this Oklahoma-bred artist fashions paper into a variety of themed dioramas, with living rooms, dandelions, and dinosaurs each earning a set, it’s her eccentric wildlife scenes that caught our attention. In Brandon’s world, wallabies depict scenes straight out of the Old West, lions celebrate birthdays while ostriches spy on cuddling squirrels, and rabbits perform surgery. Check out more of Brandon’s animal-centric dioramas on her blog.