Our Favorite Children’s Book Illustrators Working Today

Last week, we posted a gallery of stunning vintage illustrations from classic children’s books — which only whetted our appetite for more. We went searching for their contemporary counterparts and ended up excavating a treasure trove of illustration eye candy as delicious as the stories that share its pages. From the artists behind our beloved ’80s and ’90s classics to newer names on the scene, we can’t take our eyes off these gorgeous works by our favorite illustrators working today. Partial to anyone we didn’t mention? Add them in the comments.

Blexbolex, from Seasons, 2010

A screen printer by training, Blexbolex has illustrated and written over a dozen children’s books in his wonderfully minimalist, soft-colored drawings. He accompanies his cartoony pictures with large block letter words, often just one per page, that are surprisingly thought-provoking. He’s most famous for his 2008 book L’Imagier des gens, which earned the hardy title of “Best Book Design in the World” at the Book Fair of Leipzig in 2009, but his most recent creation, Seasons, has made a pretty big splash in children’s literature as well. It tours a single landscape over the course of the four seasons, each page featuring a snapshot, as wide-angled as children playing and as zoomed in as a caterpillar crawling, that somehow capture the mood of the times of year.