TV Shows and the Musicians Who Were Born to Soundtrack Them

In case you were wondering why fans of both The Hold Steady and Friday Night Lights have been losing their shit all week, here’s what happened: the band’s frontman has announced plans to release a solo album called Clear Heart Full Eyes, an homage to the show that was recorded in Texas and whose title is a play on FNL‘s most memorable catchphrase (“Clear eyes, full hearts can’t lose”). The news got us thinking about how wonderful it would be if our favorite programs were scored by bands we love, which led us to compile the following wish list of TV shows and the musicians who were born to soundtrack them. Add your pairings in the comments.

Friday Night Lights and Neko Case

Sorry, Craig Finn, but by far the most memorable musical moment on Friday Night Lights was the long, slow sequence at the end of Season 1 where the state champion Dillon Panthers paraded through town in slow motion, to the ominous strains of Tony Lucca’s “Devil Town.” Of course, that song was a Daniel Johnston cover, and there has yet to be a TV show in history that’s strange enough to be scored entirely by him. (Give American Horror Story more time and it might get there.) The general mood is more in line with Neko Case — slow, dreamy, equal parts romantic and melancholy, and tinged with a 21st-century Americana.