Ben Balistreri’s Redesigns of Beloved Marvel Comics Superheroes

DreamWorks Animation storyboard artist and character designer Ben Balistreri is in the process of redesigning a whopping 50 of his favorite superheroes from Marvel Comics. Inspired by his long-running adoration of the comics giant, and dream to one day illustrate a Marvel comic of his own, Balistreri has released the first 25 designs — each tinged with a cartoon aesthetic and cool, vintage feel. So far, the Emmy-winning artist has recreated beloved comic staples such as The Incredible Hulk, Mysterio from Spider-Man, and a slew of X-Men mutants including Rogue, Cyclops, and Beast. Once the collection is complete, Balistreri will auction off the originals and donate the proceeds to MS research. See your favorite superheroes get a retro makeover below, and visit Balistreri’s blog for more.

Image credit: Ben Balistreri [Spotted via Neatorama]