TV Characters and Their Literary Counterparts

When you spend your days writing about culture, broadly defined, the strangest juxtapositions start to present themselves. Here at Flavorpill, where we might hop from Katherine Mansfield to Katy Perry in the space of a single post, we’re always noticing the ways in which high culture and pop culture complement each other. That, perhaps, is why it recently occurred to us that Ron Swanson and Ernest Hemingway must have wildly similar personalities — which led us to the thought experiment below: TV Characters and Their Literary Counterparts. Follow along with us after the jump, where we compare modernist authors to fictional teenagers and great humorists to fake-news hosts, and add your own pairings in the comments.

Ron Swanson and Ernest Hemingway

Is there anyone more alike in the cultural realm than Ron Swanson and Ernest Hemingway? Yes, each has some rather notable facial hair, but the similarities go far beyond that. Both are rugged individualists with gruff manners who — though they have desk jobs — prefer such manly pastimes as hunting and fishing. Just as Hemingway’s prose style is terse, Swanson hates to waste time on small talk. And both are sweeter and more cuddly than they’d like to admit. Isn’t that right, Papa Bear?