Maria de la Iglesia’s Striking Photos of a Spanish Village

What you’ll notice first about Maria de la Iglesia’s Pueblo series is its stark, bleak, darkness. The Madrid-born, London-based photographer documents a Spanish village almost exclusively through the eyes of only its oldest, weariest-looking residents. We gaze into the beseeching eyes of bedridden elderly women, stroll though the overgrown grass of a neglected graveyard, watch cattle parade through the streets in the eerie glow of twilight. According Iglesia, the photos are meant to be both serious and absurd. “Pueblo is not only a personal journey into the absurd, but it has also become an exploration of the human condition,” she has said. “It is a visual and psychological observation that looks with irony and dark humour at the individuals themselves in a context of contrasts.” See some of our favorite images from the series after the jump, and then visit Iglesia’s website for more.

Photo credit: Maria de la Iglesia [Spotted via BLDGWLF]